Chameleon Glass Sidebars – Free Download

Chameleon Glass Sidebars

This is what you get : – digiclock : digital clock with am/pm, 24h and alarm function
– calendar : resizable desktop calendar; clock : analogue desktop clock ; – control : shutdown, restart or lock your pc from the desktop; – cpu : monitor the cpu and ram load of your rig; – email : check your pop3 account for new mail; – netbars : monitor your bandwidth usage through a graphical bar; – netstats : monitor your bandwidth usage through textual info; – notescolour : coloured postit notes; – noteswhite : white postit notes
– onedrive : monitor free space for any drive on your pc; – radio : listen live to DI or SKY fm streams, or add streams yourself; – recyclebin : with spinning recycle icon when full; – stats : shows online/offline state, uptime, localIP, date, wifi strength, battery status; – weather : shows current weather conditions + a 5 day weather forcast in the flyout

Title: Chameleon Glass
Author: gersma
Description: Chameleon Glass Sidebars

Download Here Free – Chameleon Glass Sidebars – Free Download

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